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At NUOVO FASTENING, we provide the highest level of Quality Management Systems. Apart from having the required ISO and TS certifications, NUOVO FASTENING has stringent internal quality standards and systems in place to ensure that the customer gets a superior quality product. Our quality certifications include:

Quality Assurance

» Quality means the word to us, which make us market leaders.
» We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization.
» Our team monitors the product & process from raw material to finished product.
» Heat treatment facility qualified as per AMS 2750 standard.
» Procure raw material from reputed steel mills to maintain standard quality norms.
» In house facility for chemical & mechanical testing like Chemical, UTS, Impact (including at subzero temperatures).
» Torque tension testing, Salt Spray testing.
» Hardness test (Vickers, Brinell), Torque tension testing, Microscopic Image Analyzer, Salt Spray testing.
» NDT facility Magnetic Particle & Ultrasonic testing facility with qualified level II engineers.
» RFI is the first worldwide manufacturer of wind turbine fasteners to have an in house Delta MKS coating plant. This is approved as per CQI-12.
» Our Quality and competitive pricing is the key to our success.